Journal Articles

*Indicates Mentored Graduate Student

  • Topcu, T.G., Mukherjee, S., Hennig, A.*, and Szajnfarber, Z. (2021) “The Dark Side of Modularity: How Decomposing Problems can Increase System Complexity.” ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, Accepted on 8/13/2021.
  • Hennig, A.*, Topcu, T.G., and Szajnfarber, Z. (2021) “So You Think Your System Is Complex?: Why and How Existing Complexity Measures Rarely Agree.” ASME Journal of Mechanical Design: Special Issue Selected Papers for IDETC‑CIE 2021, Accepted on 8/6/2021.
  • Topcu, T.G., Triantis, K., Malak, R., and Collopy, P. (2020) “An Interdisciplinary Strategy to Advance Systems Engineering Theory: The Case of Abstraction and Elaboration.” Systems Engineering, 23 (6): 673–83.
  • Topcu, T.G., Triantis, K., and Roets B. (2019) “Estimation of the Workload Boundary in Socio‑Technical Infrastructure Management Systems: The Case of Belgian Railroads.” European Journal of Operational Research, 278 (1): 314–29.
  • Topcu, T.G. and Mesmer B.L. (2018) “Incorporating End‑User Models and Associated Uncertainties to Investigate Multiple Stakeholder Preferences in System Design.” Research in Engineering Design, 29 (3): 411–31.‑017‑0276‑1.

Journal Articles Under Review

  • Topcu, T.G. and Triantis, “An Ex‑Ante DEA Method for Representing Contextual Uncertainties and Stakeholder Risk Preferences.” Annals of Operations Research, in Second Revision as of 8/7/2021.
  • Topcu, T.G., Liu, N.Y.*, Triantis, K., and Roets, B. “A Supervised Learning Approach for Understanding Contextual Factors in Heterogeneous Production Possibility Sets through Data Envelopment Analysis.” INFORMS Journal on Data Science, in First Revision as of 7/22/2021.
  • Szajnfarber, Z., Topcu, T.G., and Lifshitz‑Assaf, H. “Experts Innovating with the Crowd: Towards a Solver‑Aware Systems Architecting (SASA) Framework for the Design of Complex Systems.” Design Science, Submitted on 5/26/2021.
  • Madsen, P., Dillon, R., Triantis, K., Roets, B., and Topcu, T.G. “Ghost in the machine? Organizational moderators of automated decision‑making systems’ ability to prevent organizational errors.” Journal of Management Studies, Submitted on 6/02/2021.

Refereed Articles in Conference Proceedings

  • Madsen, P., Dillon, R., Triantis, K., Roets, B., and Topcu, T.G. (2021) “Organizational moderators of the effect of autonomous technology on organizational error prevention.” Academy of Management Proceedings, 2021 (1), 0065‑0668
  • Hennig, A.*, Topcu, T.G., and Szajnfarber, Z. (2021) “Complexity is in the Eye of the Beholder: How Representative Complexity Measures Respond to the Commonly‑Held Beliefs of the Literature.” ASME IDETC/CIE 2021, accepted.
  • Mukherjee, S., Hennig, A.*, Topcu, T.G., and Szajnfarber, Z. (2021) “When Decomposition Increases Complexity: How Decomposing Introduces New Information into the Problem Space.” ASME IDETC/CIE 2021, accepted.
  • Dillon, R., Madsen, P., Roets, B., Topcu, T.G., and Triantis, K. (2020) “The Autonomous Decision System Choice.” 20th Annual Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (WEIS), Brussels, Belgium, accepted.
  • Topcu, T.G., Triantis, K., and Roets B. (2020) “Identification of Adverse Operational Conditions in Sociotechnical Systems: A Data Analytics Approach.” Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER), Los Angeles, CA, accepted.
  • Topcu, T.G. and Mesmer B.L. (2015) Customer, Commercial, and Government Value Functions for Electric Vehicle System Design.” IIE Annual Conference Proceedings, (2015): 959‑968